Conventional home building is inefficient

The process to build a home hasn’t changed for centuries. With all the advancements in technology it’s surprising that homes are still built piece-by-piece with wooden frames, studs, and nails. The process is highly manual, slow, fragmented, and expensive making it challenging to build fast and affordably.

BOSS brings construction into the new age

Outdated manual processes are replaced with automated assembly lines and all in one easy to assemble panels. Built On Site Systems (BOSS) brings construction into the new age by blending the perks of prefabricated building with the best of on-site construction. We prioritize ease of assembly, speed of delivery, and quality of production at an accessible price point.

BOSS Panels, a Closer Look

BOSS panels come with all pieces fully fabricated into one panel, pioneering ease and affordability. Cement Board, Gypsum Board, PCore Insulation, steel studs, electric and plumbing rough work are all sealed together for rapid assembly of a home using ready wall and roof panels.

High Quality Light Gauge Steel Framing

BOSS Panels are made with LGS Framing. LGS is known for its near zero waste making it a more sustainable option to wood. LGS is lighter, superior in strength and longer lasting. It also provides the added benefit of being resistant to rot, pests, moisture and termites. Steel is also highly fire resistant and has superior foundational strength and seismic stability.

BOSS Sustainability Mindset

To achieve our circular economy vision, we have embarked on a journey to streamline our supply chain utilizing recycled and environmentally friendly materials in our walls and roof Pcore insulated panels. Through a technology partnership with leading global plastic recycling companies, we manufacture our panels using plastic waste derived from plastic water and beverage bottles, preforms and industrial waste. That means that every panel manufactured has 35% recycled plastics. Utilizing recycled plastics in our manufacturing process also improves the fire resistance properties of our panels. We also design engineered our entire structure to have high levels of insulation, similar to a modern day home. This means that we are reducing our carbon footprint even while our homes are being used, with less energy needed for a comfortable living environment.